A custom CMS to hold and contain infromation about previous gameplay in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Site works on a bootstrap skeleton, and will allow multiple users to create their own profiles.

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Water Rush


A custom built WordPress portfolio theme. Theme uses Bootstrap skeleton. This theme is mobile ready, and can be adapted for multiple creative uses.

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Inquisitive Apothecary


A fictional business website built around the video game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Throughout the page there are hidden "pranks" that make the browsing experience that more entertaining for fans. Uses Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, and CSS animations.

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A conceptual design for a fictional design studio who specialized in watercolor based branding/graphics. The site is responsive using a Bootstrap structure, and built with mobile-first approach.

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Hamilton: The Movie


The concept of this site was to create a movie website based on the stageplay Hamilton. Includes interactive Javascript photogallery, interview, soundtrack (with an original album cover design).

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New Birth of Freedom


Bootstrap responsive website design for local Boyscout Troop, New Birth of Freedom. Design was given by client. Includes Javascript based carousel.

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Savings Calculator


Javascript based application to inform users how much they should save of each paycheck, as well as calculating how much could be saved per year.

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