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Hamilton on the big screen!

The Cast On Stage 2015

After years of anticipation, Broadway’s runaway hit about the Ten-Dollar Founding Father is finally making it’s way to the big screen. The original cast has returned for this historical recreation of the magic and myth of the life of Alexander Hamilton.

You’ve never seen the Founding Fathers like this! Using hip-hop, rap, jazz —and even a little of Brit-pop— the musical Hamilton follows the life story of Alexander Hamilton. From his humble beginnings as a student in New York City, Alexander navigates life and politics in the unstable environment of the tensions growing between England and its Colonies. But Alexander is non-stop, and works hard towards his goal of becoming someone who makes his mark. It’s not too long before he and his friend, Aaron Burr, become political rivals. Personal life and politics mix in a bad way, and there’s only room for one of them.